Tinubu Was Never Indicted

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was neither indicted nor convicted of drug trafficking or anything else in the Unired States of America or anywhere else.

This is a FACT and it is the BOTTOM LINE.

Those that say otherwise and have labelled him a drug baron due to an out of court settlement and repatriation of funds that were in his account in the U.S. 30 years ago are ignorant and misinformed.

They have no idea of how the American justice system works and I would urge them to go and find out.

If Asiwaju was a drug baron and if he was wanted in America I doubt the U.S. Ambassador would have visited his campaign office a few weeks ago to wish him well.

If he was a drug baron that is wanted in America I doubt that he would have avoided extradition all these years considering the power, hatred, fury and venom of his numerous enemies and many detractors.

If he was a drug baron he would not be the leading contender for the presidential election and the man to beat next year.

The opposition is desperate and are doing all they can to discredit him before February next year.

They started with the Muslim/Muslim ticket issue, it lost steam and failed and now they have resorted to this and revisited an issue that was rested,settled and clarified by the American Embassy in Nigeria itself in 2003.

Despite their desperation these dirty tactics, mudslinging and campaign of calumny against a profoundly good man that has done so much for our county will not work.

The Jagaban is firmly on course and he SHALL, by God’s grace and the will of the Nigerian people, be elected President of our beloved country next year.

Femi Fani-Kayode

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