Oil Africa Leadership Awards

Oil Africa Leadership Awards 2018

Despite the very important roles Oil and Gas play in Nigeria, it is sad that this all sustaining ingredient in the Nigerian life is not given adequate reportage.


More sadly, is the fact that the personalities that run the industry are not given enough prominence in the affairs of this nation. It is more confusing when the grains are not separated from the chaff as most players in this industry are seen as corrupt.


Not unmindful of the seriousness of the business of reporting the Oil and Gas industry, we are undaunted and very ready to hold the bull by the horn at all time.


In setting records straight, OIL AFRICA MAGAZINE, a publication of OIL AFRICA SERVICES LTD, which monitors and documents events in the oil and gas sector and unveils every realities as it affects the day to day activities of players (personalities) and regulators who are invariably the pivot of Nigerian economy sees it as a necessity to celebrate excellence and achievements.


This explains the reasons behind the birth of OIL AFRICA LEADERSHIP AWARD; to give adequate recognition to those who have distinguished themselves excellently in the oil and gas industry over years.


And to confer awards of honour on prominent industry players who have made significant and positive impacts on the lives of the people, communities and nations through ideas, innovations, actions, roles and inventions in the oil and gas sector.


OIL AFRICA LEADERSHIP AWARD which is designed as a yearly event stands as our quota of recognising outstanding achievements within the Upstream, Midstream and Upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry in Africa and the world at large.


For more information email us through editor@oilafricanews.com


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