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Using Of GPS To Distribute The $800m Palliative To Household In Nigeria. Said by Betta Edu

Using Of GPS To Distribute The $800m Palliative To Household In Nigeria.

Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Betta Edu has commented that the ministry can incorporate the Global Position System (GPS) in paying the 800 million dollars support fund provided by the federal government to families across the different states of the country.

The minister who spoke about such issue during an interview with Arise TV, was asked by Arise TV host, Oseni Rufai how she can disburse the 800 million dollars loan that president Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanted to share to households in Nigeria through the social register, which he later stopped.

“First I think as it concerns to palliative, we need to rework on the logistics. In the past I have been exposed to programmes such as the immunization programme in Cross River State and in other places round the country where we had to take healthcare to people’s door step. I think the aspect where people will have to come together or gather at one place to pick up their palliatives is not really helpful. For us, I think it will be better off to improve on the logistics and deliver this at their door steps where they live. That way they can sign up for it and you are sure these families have received it. Of course, technology can tell us exactly where the person is, where he’s delivering it using the GPS and other means to identify who really has been doing it.

Said by Betta Edu in response to answer such question.

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