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NLC Demand New Minimum Wages Cogitate The Cost Of Living.

NLC Demand New Minimum Wages Cogitate The Cost Of Living.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called for the commencement of negotiations on a new National Minimum Wage in 2024 that aligns with the current cost of living in the country.

Mr Joe Ajaero, President of the NLC, emphasized this demand during the ongoing 19th edition of the NLC 2023 Harmattan School, focusing on “Building Workers’ Skills for Policy Engagement.”

Represented by Mr Benjamin Anthony, Vice President of the NLC, Ajaero highlighted the challenging living conditions faced by the Nigerian workforce, exacerbated by the removal of subsidies on petroleum products.

He noted that these challenges contribute to galloping inflation, increasing inequality, and poverty, emphasizing the need for governments at all levels to acknowledge the severity of these issues.

The call for a new National Minimum Wage comes in the context of economic challenges and the recent removal of subsidies, which has intensified the financial burden on working people.

The NLC President asserted that negotiations should not only address the rising cost of living but also consider the recent attack on workers and their leaders in Imo State, describing it as a serious threat to free association and collective bargaining.

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