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Federal Government Update On New Payment Date For N-Power Stipends.

Federal Government Update On New Date For N-Power Stipends.

Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, under Minister Betta Edu, has issued a crucial update on the long-awaited disbursement of nine-month stipends for Npower beneficiaries. The ministry attributes the delay in stipend distribution to the ongoing restructuring and repositioning efforts aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the N-Power program.

Transparently committing to the beneficiaries, the ministry assures that once the comprehensive restructuring is successfully completed, the stipend payment process will commence promptly. This move is part of broader efforts to streamline and improve the efficiency of the N-Power initiative.

Anticipation had risen with an initial mention of November 30, 2023, as the expected date for disbursing stipends to Batch C beneficiaries. However, the ministry cautions that unforeseen delays beyond this date could indicate unresolved matters requiring additional attention.

Minister Betta Edu, in a recent announcement, bypassed her earlier commitment to paying the nine-month stipends in November, indicating a revised timeline of January 2024 for disbursement. Emphasizing the ministry’s dedication, Edu acknowledges the financial significance of these payments to individuals actively contributing to the N-Power.

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