About Us

Oil Africa News is a platform that gives accurate global reportage of news and events in the oil industry globally.

Our analysis focuses on Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors, relating to exploration, drilling, production and completion of oil and gas, marketing and distribution.

As a major oil and gas publication and in line with our mandate, we continuously, timely and accurately keep you abreast with the activities of stakeholders, players in the oil and gas industry.

We keep our readers up to date with development in the oil producing communities around Africa and the world at large.

Oil Africa News  publishes more news than any other oil and gas related site online.



Oil Africa News’s rapidly expanding and influential audience consists of investors, fund managers, resource bankers, traders, energy market professionals and high net worth individuals from all around the world but mainly Africa, North America, Canada, UK and Australia.

  • Oil and gas industry executives from large multi-nationals to smaller independents
  • Renewable energy company executives, investors and analysts involved in the oil and gas industry
  • Investors and analysts involved in mining and resource sectors
  • Investors, analysts and news enthusiasts in various renewable energy sectors
  • Exploration and production companies
  • Geopolitical news enthusiasts
  • High level politicians and political advisors
  • Editors of various news, financial, resource and energy sites
  • High net worth individuals primarily from Africa, U.S., Canada and Europe


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