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Our attention has been drawn to a fake news orchestrated by an aspirant and reported by an online news platform. In his mischievous statement from the pit of hell, the aspirant claimed that the aspirants of the APC, Unity forum has zoned its governorship ticket to the Northern senatorial district of Ondo state.
While we agree that there are members and aspirants of the Unity Forum who are very qualified and has the right and capacity to take a shot at the governorship ticket, we are made to understand that at no point was such decision taken.
It is therefore the imagination of a selfish individual aspirant in his desperate move to disrupt the good arrangement already put in place, having been told in confidence that his candidature cannot fly.
Investigation also revealed that since this aspirant got wind of the decision of the group there has been missiles of insults and barrage of attacks from his camp raining on the leadership of the Unity Forum.
We have the authority of the stakeholders of the APC, Unity Forum to let the good people of Ondo State know that the effort of the Unity Forum to produce a consensus candidate who will surely win the 2020 general election has yielded a very positive result and in no distant time the candidate will be announced.
Therefore, we advise our people to disregard every statement of these mischief maker who in his quest to scuttle the effort of the leadership of the Unity forum come up with different lies and propagandas.
The author of the false release who cannot win a counsellorship ticket under a free and fair election with his own name forgot to understand that for every fundamental issue there must be a fundamental approach; the time to project an aspirant without a name has become a thing of the past. What is demanded now is a man known by his own name, his political clout and the collective efforts of the Unity Forum to win the 2020 general election.
This is not a period for child’s play but a period for serious business and as such we don’t need a politician with a record of consistence elusiveness who in his wildest imagination believes that he can solely zone where the group ticket goes to.
We therefore urge our dear aspirant to spend more time with the people of Ondo State rather than disappearing after every election and reappearing after another four years if he still has the interest to contest for the governorship ticket in the nearest future.
Finally, we call on all the other aspirants, as much as they are at liberty to their ideas and opinion, we advise them to play less on individualism and focus more on how to subject themselves to the overridden collective decision of the leadership of the group as earlier agreed in their gentleman agreement so that the primary objective of the group could be achieved.

Akin Egbuwalo
Ondo State Concerned Citizens

Ondo State Concerned Citizens

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