Maritime Worker’s Strike: Nigeria’s Economy Loses N100bn

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The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) embarked upon three days strike action over wages owed dockworkers by the International Oil Companies (IOCs) which has caused Nigeria economy over N100 billion in revenue loss.

A 14 days ultimatum by MWUN had on June 13 issued to the Federal Government to prevail on the International Oil Companies (IOCs), operating in the country to pay stevedoring contractors appointed by the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) charges due to dockworkers at the nation’s ports.

At the end of the 14 days ultimatum, the maritime workers proceeded to shutdown seaports across the country leading to complete paralysis of port operations for three days before the strike was called off last week Friday.

The industrial action affected port operations at the quay side while allowing cargo clearance and movement of cargoes out of the seaports.

There were vessels queues on the quayside as workers who would have discharged cargoes were on strike thereby allowing the nation’s economy to bleed under high charges imposed by foreign shipping companies.

About 14 vessels with various commodities were trapped in the two nation’s seaports at Apapa and Tin-Can Island during the industrial action. Some of the items in the ship, included perishable items, while others were delicate commodities that ought to exit the ports on time.

Almost 12,000 containers were trapped inside the various ports across the nationwide.

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