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Helping people, particularly Young folks, to achieve their dreams and visions, is his calling while mentoring and inspiring same to aspire great things that seem unfathomable and infeasible stands him out of his peers.

Born on May 27, 1967 as the 12th and last born of the popular High Chief Agoro of Oke-Igbo kingdom and his wife, who was a leading cash crop business woman in the old Western Region and beyond little, Mathew Oye Oyerinmade started his primary school education at St. John’s Primary School, Okeigbo.

After his primary education at St. John’s Primary School, Okeigbo and having excelled academically and in sport, MATO graduated from Oloroke Grammar School Okeigbo with O’Level Certificate.

Mathew’s father’s large heart and influence in his Okeigbo hometown made the community to conferred on him the chieftaincy title “Chief Agoro” of Okeigbo Kingdom. This title therefore made their house become the headquarter of a progressive government and community development. It was through this organizational structure that many leading lights in the community came to be regular visitors of MATO’S home during his childhood and youthful age.

Young Mathew was admitted into Ondo State University between 1990 and 1995 where he graduated with B. Ed Hons in Social Studies. This provided an opportunity for him to meet other progressive minds which to greater extend, broaden his political horizon.

Matthew Oye Oyerinmade, the household name simply identified as “MATO”, in the round leader world, attained an uncommon feat in mobilizing and galvanizing raw football talents.

The soccer ambassador, from his youthful age, solely provides the platform for young folks in his domain to engage in healthy competitions within communities, schools and neighborhood to engender unity among the people and most especially provide human capital development.

While in the higher institution Intrepid Matthew was among those who shot down the obnoxious and draconian policy of the Military Government which increased astronomically school fees of Primary and Secondary Students in Ondo State in 1992.

Back in the days, MATO wasn’t a new dog in the hunting game as he had paid his dues in championing the course of the oppressed even in the military junta’s season in Nigeria.

Elected a representative of his department and subsequently the Speaker of the Students’ Representatives Council of Ondo State University (now Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti) Mato was at the forefront in championing students’ agitation for a Democratic rule in the country.

Intrepid Matthew Oye Oyerinmade was among those who shot down the obnoxious and draconian policy of the Military Government which increased astronomically school fees of Primary and Secondary Students in Ondo State in 1992.

After a period of time his unlimited quest to acquire more knowledge propelled him to further his education at Rivers State University of Science and technology, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, where he acquired his PGD as well as his Master’s in Business Administration respectively.

Mathew Oyerinmade had the opportunity to undertake his NYSC one-year mandatory service in Rivers State with the Shell Petroleum Development Company where he was exposed to the occupational demands of the OIL AND GAS BUSINESS as well as the Communities’ relation responsibilities.

Between 1996 and 1998 he was in the service of Shell Development Company in Port-Harcourt where he served as the Land’s Officer.

As tasking as his official duties were, he discharged them with utmost dexterity which gave him an added advantage. Some of his responsibilities include: Participate in crude oil spill investigation/ assessment of impacted properties, access document and process compensation payment and monitor remediation project on oil spill impacted sites. Complex as these responsibilities were in the oil producing areas, he excelled brilliantly which culminated into a higher position of responsibilities.

Between 1998 and 2004, his excellent service earned him the Community Liaison Officer for Shell Petroleum Development Company. This new assignment placed on his shoulder so much responsibilities, as his native intelligent in community management and his academic attainment was seriously required for efficient and effective service delivery.

He was to maintain excellent SPDC external stakeholders’ engagement/ relationship with the host communities, pro-actively provide key insight and support into potential community related red-flag issues on a weekly basis, support SDPC production team in ensuring zero destruction to Oil and Gas operation, facilitate the incretion of all community development project as well as resolving all outstanding contractors /community problems, participate in pollution investigation/assessment and compensation activities as well as monitor remediation project on oil spill impacted sites.

Trust the man Mato; the perfect understanding of these responsibilities in the storming communities, further equipped him with the capacity to effectively manage human and material resources as well as having deeper understanding of the theory of needs’ assessment.

During his service at SDPC, MATO fell in love with a beautiful damsel, Angela Nkem from Delta State of South-South geopolitical zone of the country, who is a Corrosion expert and also had undertaken training in Business and Human Resource Management.

He married Angela in the year 2000 and the marriage is blessed with children.

Between 2004 till date, having seen it all in his official responsibilities and in the service of SDPC, he established/registered his private business where he became the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of ANCHOR MARIC NIGERIA LIMITED, an Oil and Gas Servicing Company.

As the Chairman, Chief Executive, his managerial ability and his experience so far was required to translate his vision into reality of which the buck rest on his table.

His saddled responsibilities include, effective and sufficient delivery of the corporate vision and business plan, maintain a robust business control frame-work and ensures values and risk are properly understood, reflected and managed the decision making, own and operate a performance  management frame-work that efficiently and objectively accesses performance, makes value transparent and set the right target, provide business opportunities, challenges, business model as strategic development and to represent the company in high level engagements and community representative in NAPIMS, DPR and Government Agencies, as a Senior Executive in the Oil and Gas Industry.

It is significant to mention that Anchor Maric Nigeria Limited has undertaken so many note-worthy projects of immense benefits to humanity.

The quest for more economic power, administrative and organization ingenuity and his deep understanding of the importance of human capital development propelled him to invest more in the Oil and Gas sector which provided an uncommon opportunity for him to serve as the Chairman, board of Directors in the following companies;






Exceptional Mathew Oyerinde is an associate member, Nigeria Institute of Management, Institute of Development Association of Nigeria and a full member, Institute of Strategic Management.


Having cut his political teeth through his speakership position in the Students’ Representative Council, activism in the National Association of Nigerian Students and a mobiliser in SDP 1993 presidential election, MATO has provided financial and material support for most of his friends and comrades who had undergone different political adventures at one time or the other, as he has also mobilized resources for the candidate in several elections and continue to sharpen his political teeth.

His political honeymoon was always very brief as he has always helped to galvanise several political interests to attaining their ambitions within various Communities.

When the military gave the people the impression that they wanted to return the nation to democratic lane, two political parties were formed by the government-Social Democratic Party (SDP) as the progressives and NRC as the conservatives.

His love for the ideology of the progressives made him pitch his tent with SDP in 1993 and was subsequently selected among other youths to advocate for the emergence of the Late business mogul, Chief M.K.O Abiola, who ran on the platform of SDP as presidential candidate in the 1993 general elections. The election results were later annulled by the military government that organised the same election.

Matthew Oye Oyerinmade joined the group of freedom fighters who sent into trenches to fight for the actualization of the June 12 mandate.

MATO, as the acronym of his names, was among Yoruba folks who were brought up with ideals of Chief Obafemi Awolowo which included a United Nigeria and an economically vibrant nation. This ultimately conditioned his psyche to the ideals of socialist and parliamentary Democracy.

Like other Awo offshoots, MATO was deeply imbued in the Awoist-tradition, having been exposed to its principles and understudied some of the leading actors from the young age.

Napoleon Hill stated that “Whatever mind can think of and believe, it can achieve.”

This is the principle driving MATO in his pursuit, particularly in making great positive impact in the lives of the people of his Senatorial District.

He has a vision of a modern, well managed and efficiently administered Nigeria, Ondo State, and his senatorial District which places premium on quality representation, robust intellectual debate, economic development, industrial growth, quantitative and qualitative education, sound and holistic health care delivery system, rural development, employment generation, capacity building, empowerment and infrastructural development among others.

The goals are impeccable, based on his track records of integrity, transparency, objectivity and commitment towards building a society capable of accommodating all chains of opinions aimed at the development of our common heritage.

Office, particularly, Political office is a call to serve. These services are majorly made meaningful by the member of impacts made on the people. Within the limited period of his personal engagements, he has rendered quality services which give a perfect conviction that, given the opportunity to serve with higher responsibilities, humanity shall be better for it. MATO has taken his time to serve and learn appropriately. It is about time he yields to the call of his people to rescue them by providing quality representation.

The above encapsulate his humble self, his ideas, vision and passion for the people of the Southern Senatorial District and the entire State. The ideas are subject to periodic change, debate, constructive criticism, suggestions, improvement by experts and well-meaning citizens of the State.

Banking on the above and trusting in God MATO has thrown his cap into the ring as one of the foremost gladiators aspiring to take over the number one seat of the Southern Senatorial District in the National Assembly come 2023 under the political platform of the All Progressive Congress{APC} for better and accountable representation of his people.

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